Rule pumps

Rule-Mate Automatic Bilge Pumps

rule mate automatic bilge pumps,RM500A,RM750A,RM1100A

The new eco-friendly Rule Mate series of bilge pumps features a solid state water sensing technology that eliminates the need for separate  float switch. All-in-one pump & switch. 

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Jabsco Hand Diaphragm Bilge Pump

Jabsco Pumps Hand Diaphragm Bilge Pump 29240-0000

Jabsco Amazon pumps are designed specifically for use as bilge pumps and  toilet waste disposal pumps. Do not use Amazon pumps to transfer  diesel, petroleum products, acids, chemicals or caustic liquids.  

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Rule Pumps Shower Drain Kit

Rule Pumps Shower Drain Kit 800 GPH w Multi-Port Inlet 98

Rule Pumps 98 Shower Drain Kit 800 GPH compact full capacity shower drain system with multi-port inlet 12 Volt DC. It automatically turns  on after the water starts, and shuts off when the water is removed. 

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Rule High Water Bilge Alarm

Rule High Water Bilge Alarm # 33ALA

The High Water Bilge Alarm consists of a non-mercury float switch and an in-dash gauge that features both a visual and an audible 85 db alarm.  

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Rule-A-Matic Switches

Rule-A-Matic Float Switches Model 35A And 40A

Rule-A-Matic 12-24-32-VDC switches are by far the most popular choice among professionals worldwide, and the Rule-A-Matic is the best selling float switch in the world.   

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